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TFL Capital Bollard

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Product Detail

The TFL Capital bollard has been added to the range, with options of the single and double-sided sign face.

Their high resistance and rigidity make them an ideal choice for preventing vehicles from entering prohibited zones such as footpaths and pedestrian areas, whilst their flexibility enables them to return to their original shape and position after even the most severe impact.

Compared to metal bollards that can cause serious harm to pedestrians, cyclists, motor-cyclists and vehicles, the Capital range offers minimal risk of injury. They are manufactured from a unique non corrosive material and therefore require zero maintenance expenditure.

All Capital bollards can be installed in the Retention Socket System, therefore enabling them to be removed and replaced in minutes without any requirement for costly and disruptive civils’ works . They are ideal for any non-permanent sites.


·         Eliminates all safety risks

·         Virtually indestructible, re-boundable bollard

·         Non-corrosive and durable material

·         High resistance yet flexible, requires 326kgs to turn over

·         200mm planting depth

·         Lightweight, under 6kgs

·         Fits in Retention Socket enabling future change

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