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Steel Centre Islands – D Rings

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Product Detail

These prefabricated frames, or ‘D-Rings’, provide an economical method of forming a centre island refuge on an existing single carriageway. Unlike concrete kerbs, they require no excavation, but are simply ragbolted to the existing road surface and backfilled with concrete. For temporary sites, a filling of ballast with a top layer of tarmac can be used.

The frames can be supplied with anchor plates only, or as an extra, with a bollard base mounting frame. Another option to simplify installation further is to have the Groundlight base or Knockdown base supplied factory fitted.
Island sites are formed in the shapes illustrated and are of welded construction.The 900mm triangle and ‘D’ type frames are supplied as one-piece only; the larger triangles are available in segments for bolting together on-site, or as one piece.

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