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Duckfoot Retention Socket – NAL


76mm, 115mm, 140mm

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Product Detail

The NAL Duckfoot Retention Socket system is a patented range of fittings designed to secure all types of directly cabled illuminated street furniture enabling easy removal after impact simply with a key and a spanner. All Retention Sockets are manufactured in cast steel or ductile iron and galvanised.  A stainless steel locking mechanism located in the side chamber secures the street furniture in place. The Duckfoot Retention Socket is manufactured with a one way duct bend offering 360 degree swivel and cable entry through the base of the post.  These Retention Systems can be easily shortened on site and are suitable for all directly cabled illuminated street furniture such as Traffic Signals, Illuminated Signs, Street Lighting Columns,  Electric Charging posts, Interactive Signs, and your specific application.

Product Specification


76mm, 115mm, 140mm

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