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Each standard beam has a 3.5m overall length (3.2m effective) and a nominal depth of 310mm.  And also  1.9m overall length  (1.6m effective)



The untensioned system is designed only for use in situations where speed limits do not exceed 50 mph.

The main beams together with adjuster and anchorage beams are formed from stock 3mm thick steel complying with BS EN 10 025 Grade Fe 430A There is no restriction on the installation lengths of untensioned safety fence beams, but all approach and depart ends must be taken down to ground level with the use of a formed beam and terminated with an end shoe, subsequently filled with concrete.
Alternatively, untensioned beams can be tran-sitioned to the open box beam series if it is intended to terminate the safety fence at a bridge parapet or structure.

Usually, untensioned beams are mounted on 125mm x 90mm steel ‘Z’ section posts manu-factured from stock 6mm thick steel.
Normal spacing of posts is 3.2m for unten-sioned safety fences, but post spacing can be reduced to 1.6m centres for improved pro-tection at special hazards or where situations restrict deflection.
For projects such as car parks, loading bays, etc. stronger SHS posts or special mounting brackets are available.

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