Public amenity street furniture

We provide a full range of street furniture including:

  • Seating
  • Litter bins
  • Protective posts and rails
  • Cycle stands
  • Shelters; cycle and smoking
  • Lighting
  • Bollards
  • Tree protection
  • Planters
  • Public signs and poster cases

Cycle parking and storage

With cycling increasing in popularity and more and more cycle lanes being created across the country we are able to provide a variety of cycle parking and storage solutions. These can range from simple cycle stands and bike racks to large cycle lockers, cycle shelters and secure storage units.

Public seating

We supply high quality outdoor seating for public spaces, from the traditional park bench to modern, stainless steal seating. We can provide seating to suit every kind of environment and budget.

Street Furnishing Ltd – your one-stop shop for public amenity street furnishings.

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