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Street Klamp Post & Rail Barrier System

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Product Detail

Simple to design and specify, the modular StreetKlamp system securely joins standard sizes of structural steel tube in almost any configuration you can imagine. Assembled on-site, StreetKlamp guard railing will accommodate most variations between design drawings and site requirements.

The StreetKlamp system is cost-effective to install, with low skill, no welding and no special tools required. All fittings slip over the tube and can be adjusted to the required level and positioned before tightening with a simple Hex key. Each fitting has a simple numerical code reference, which defines the type of fitting and the pipe size, or sizes, it is designed to receive. The first number, preceding the dash, identifies the type of StreetKlamp fitting. A single-digit following the dash defines pipe size. Two dig-its following the dash indicate that the fitting is designed to receive two sizes of pipe.

StreetKlamp fittings are supplied hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.

Standard steel pipe is galvanised to the requirements of BS 1387 (ISO 65).

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