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Solar Wall Light – Motion Sensor

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The solar light uses the latest motion sensor technology, a microwave sensor. In comparison to a PIR sensor, a microwave sensor is not visible on the fitting and has an impressive detection range of up to 10m from all angles. With a 3 year guarantee, this motion sensor solar wall light is real value for money and a step above the rest. A unique feature of this versatile solar security light is the colour switch. Choose between daylight white (6500K) and warm white (3000K) at the flick of a switch.

Mount the solar wall light to any flat surface via the keyhole mounting system. For best results, mount at 2-3m high. The higher the light is mounted, the further the detection range. Mounted at 2m-3m the microwave sensor has a detection range of between 8m and 10m.

Upon activation, this motion sensor solar wall light will illuminate at full brightness at an impressive 1000 lumens. As a result of no movement within 20 seconds, the light will dim to 70 lumens. Not only is this level of light non-intrusive, it also helps retain battery charge. The Alerta will fully charge with 6-8 hours of full sunshine via the polycrystalline highly efficient solar panel. As a result of the high quality, Li-Ion batteries, it will illuminate for 3-5 nights from full charge.

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