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SF RB 101 Steel Bollard

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Product Detail

The SF RB101 Bollard provides a   robust to any environment. It’s an exceptionally strong, Hot Dip Galvanised bollard and PPC Black finish, the RB 101 powder-coated steel bollard combines the strength of its fundamental material and the durability and discreet appearance of its coating, to make it the perfect choice wherever understated style is as important as impact resistance and clear space demarcation

With an option to add a steel joist to enhance its durability

This makes the SF RB101 ideal for deterring ram raids and preventing vehicles from passing the protected perimeter.

The SF RB101 Bollard is available in a wide range of customization options.

    • Standard or anti-ram models
    • Features optional chain connectors, hazard banding and flat cap
    • Root, base plate or lift out and lock fixings
    • Total Length , 1500mm (Stock), Length can be Made to order
    • Any Standard Diameter Size (60mm -201mm) 168mm (Stock)
    • Any Ral Available Black as stock

    Fixing Option

    • Root Fixed (In Stock)
    • Base plated
    • Socketed (Removable)

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