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Height Restrictor Goal Posts

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Product Detail

Option 1:Bunting – Red & White Plastic Strips on wire cable in 25m Length.
Option 2:Solid Crossbar – It is made from fibre glass and is made up of 4 x 2m push -fit sections. This allows you to vary the gateway up to a maximum of 8m. It has a simple cross-clamp system to attach a crossbar to the poles, which is quick to assemble.
Option 3: Cantilever Option – Our Cantilever option provides an effective height restriction barrier for areas that are unable to place two separate vertical poles for the barrier. It allows a height restriction to be set in place through a narrow gateway using only one pole and a 2m length crossbar that is attached using our cross-clamping system.

• Collapsed length: 1.8 metres
• Extended length: 7.3 metres
• Tube sizes: 50mm diameter base section Weight: 3.5 kg Per Pole
• Sections: Five red and white UV tolerant.

The goalposts stability is paramount to their function. The galvanised steel bases are 13kg and generally need to be anchored by a couple of sand bags. They can also be fixed in place using anchor bolts through the 12mm diameter holes in each corner.
The metro block bases are the latest innovation we have applied. They are moulded bases which can be filled with various forms of media, from water to sand, gravel andconcrete. Filled with water, each base will be 125kg in weight. This is more than adequate for most situations as you can see from the ‘MIRA’ testing videos, but shouldyou need more weight use sand, gravel or concrete for massive stability.

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