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Frangible safety Post – Passively Safe

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Product Detail

  • UK designed and developed
  • The only post of its size to achieve an NE classification at 70 and 100kph (EN12767 crash tests)
  • Easy to design in using standard software
  • Lightweight, therefore easier and safer to install (140mm = 4.2kg linear metre)
  • Uses existing installation methods, equipment and accessories)
  • Less susceptible to theft and scaling than other solutions
  • Can be supplied in bespoke lengths or be cut to length on site
  • Standard grey or bespoke colours can be supplied
Glass-resin Reinforced Polyester

Frangible Safety Posts are highly engineered as they are composed of complex composite materials which are reinforced to outlast any other steel post. Despite their superior strength, FSPs have been designed to collapse in a safe manner upon impact. A controlled and predictable collapse reduces the risk of secondary accidents from debris, while also protecting subjects involved in the collision. FSPs are engineered to dramatically lift force off vehicle and its occupants thereby significantly reducing the risk for serious injuries or even fatality. In crash tests the post was awarded the highest safety ranking.


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