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Cycle Lane Separator

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CLS (Cycle Lane Separator) Bollard:

Our CLS (Cycle Lane Separator) Bollard has been designed especially for providing a highly visible separation between cycle lanes and traffic lanes.

Easy to install the CLS Bollard is ideal for providing inclusive cycling lanes whilst allowing semi-segregated protection that cyclists can easily exit in an emergency.

The reflex material of the base combined with the rigid MDPE of the post ensures that the bollard will withstand multiple impacts and return to upright without damage to the reflective surfaces, the sign or the base; thereby saving on expensive replacement costs. The reflectors are also recessed to further reduce potential damage with vehicle impacts.

  • Ideal for providing a highly visible separation between cycle and traffic lanes
  • Maintenance-free; will not rust and requires no painting
  • Flexible passively safe self-righting base system
  • Two recessed area’s for 360 degree RA2 (high intensity) Reflective bands
  • Available in multiple heights
  • Wide choice of colours

Reflector material purchased for our bollards has been manufactured in accordance with the CE marking standard.

Reflective Bands: Two 100mm RA2 bands

Materials: Speciality base material with MDPE upper post (UV stabilised Medium Density Polyethylene)

Bounce-Back Base dimensions: 320 x 320mm

Measurements (mm):

  • CLS 1030: 1030H x 110W x 71D
  • CLS 1000: 1000H x 110W x 71D
  • CLS 800: 800H x 110W x 71D

Fixing Options:

  • Shield Anchor
  • Asphalt Anchor
  • Concrete in Anchor

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