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HINGE FREE: Wear resistant, warp proof integrated hinge.

LOCKABLE: Exclusive tamper-proof safety lock with hidden latch.

FULL DISPLAY: 100 % of the display surface visible (lock mounted in the frame not the glazing).

STRENGTH: Robust profile and availble in 4mm anti-vandal Plexichoc™ or safety glass.

PRACTICAL: Doors easily replaceable in case of major vandalism.

WATERPROOF: Elastomer seal and anti-condensation vents.



Format: single sided or double sided on raising doors depending on dimensions.

Display area: from 8 to 27 A4.

Profile depth: 30, 58 and 75 mm depending on size.

Glazing: vandal-resistant 4 mm Plexichoc® or 4 mm tempered safety glass.

Opening method: reversible side opening or raising door.

Raising doors: suspended on gas struts for easy opening and support.

Locking: tamperproof safety lock with supplied 2 keys, two locks on raising door models.

Waterproofing: elastomer seal.

Back plate finish: galvanised steel back in a white lacquered finish for use with magnets.

External back finished in RAL 7032 unless otherwise specified.

Frame finish: silver anodised aluminium.

Roof: 8 or 13 mm (depending on size) maintenance free compact HPL.

Installation: post mounting on 60 x 60 x 2163 mm or 93 x 93 x 2527 mm (depending on size) exotic hard wood posts in mahogany stain finish on base plates galvanised and painted in RAL 8012

Supplied with Procity® magnets (1 per A4).

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