Solar Powered Belisha Beacon

£1250 - 1350Dependent on Quantity

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Solar Panel
Timer Module
Globe Shroud


8.5 Kg

Life Expectancy

100,000 hours

Solar Panel

25W – Extras are available

Enhances pedestrian crossing safety, especially in winter.

•Automatically operates 24/7 throughout the year.

• Proprietary Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller with charge profile designed specifically for the TS2509A Mk3 beacon battery. This combination is twice as efficient as conventional (PWM) chargers and lead batteries which provides even longer autonomy.

• Body and globe made of vandal proof high UV resistant polyethylene. Minimum maintenance required.

• Complies with IP54, EMC (BS EN55032) and CE standards.

• Osram LED bulb (L80B10 – 100,000 hours) with the Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) feature built into the bulb. This adapts the bulbs brightness to the human eye according to the external light conditions (not just auto dimming at night) – patented.

• Lithium lead free environmentally friendly battery that can be re-charged 3,000 times, compared to only 500 times for lead batteries.

• Zero energy consumption and CO2 emissions following installation. • Cost effective replacement for faulty mains beacons e.g. due to cable faults.

• Total weight (including batteries & solar panel) 8.5kg.

• Warranty; 3 years for the Beacon, 10 years for the LED Bulb & 15 years for the Solar Panel.

Optional Extras:

• TS2509 Additional Solar Panel Kit. We request that all customers check that visibility east to west looking to the south from the location you wish to install the beacons is unobstructed. This is important as the beacons operate on direct sunlight. If it is obstructed the TS2509 Additional Solar Panel kit will overcome the lack of sunlight. The TS2509 is also recommended for all locations north of 53.5 degrees latitude.

• TS2515 Intelligent Timer Module. Enables beacon to only operate during the times a business is open, hence reducing light pollution and pacifying residential neighbours.

• TS2516 Globe Shroud. This is an option for installations within or near residential areas. The shroud partially covers the globe, therefore reducing light pollution and pacifying residential neighbours