Night Owl Bollards

Hertfordshire welcomes our Night Owl Bollard
Pictured below installed in a brand new Pelican Crossing site in Hemel Hempstead.
The bollards are designed to withstand heavy impacts at all angles while maintaining  its Diamond grade highly reflective surface to BS EN 12899 2007.

These new style bollards make sense to install as they save money short term & on a long term basis, as they are cheaper than illuminated bollards, cheaper to install, and as they are not illuminated use no electricity.

Highly visible by day..........

& Highly visible at night.........

The Night Owl Bollard has been tested by Mira test facility and has passed its Passive Safety test 75/NE4 of BS EN 12767.

The Night Owl Bollard has been tested and conforms to BS EN 8442 2006 for self righting, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and loose particle testing.