Night Owl bollards

Night Owl bollards have evolved from the traditional keep left bollards. Giving the Night Owl signs a higher level of visibility both day and night.

Durable with low energy absorption, Night Owl Signs are DfT approved and produced using a double skin moulding in rigid grade LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene). This provides enhanced strength for withstanding impact, durability and protection.

The high level of both night and day visibility is achieved by using fluorescent ‘Diamond Grade’ material (DG3) on the front and side conspicuity panels and DG3 non fluorescent material (DG3) on the sign graphic itself.

Night Owl has particular application as a Keep Left Bollard providing a reduced carbon footprint solution for traffic islands in general.

The Night Owl has passed the following British Standards:

  • BS 8442:2006(14) for Retro Reflective Self Righting Bollards
  • BS12767 Passive Safety of Non Harmful Structures (70,NE,4)
  • BS EN 12899-2:2006 5.6.4 Torsion Test
  • Centre island refuge beacons

Approved by the DfT (Department for Transport).


Scroll Down to see the Night Owl in action 



Night Owls in Action