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At Street Furnishings LTD  we are constantly  looking for  ways to innovate our range in such becoming trusted supplier of Highway products.

  • Extensive Range of Solar Powered street products

  • Use of stronger and safer material

  • Improved reliability and longevity

  • Introduction of recycled based products


With  quality still in mind we offer customers all the options to the specification that they require . Meaning we are the one-stop shop for all

Social Distancing Bollards

Social Distancing Bollard Each Bollard purchased we will be donating £5 to the NHS Charities to help combat COIVD-19 The bollards come in a number of […]

Latest Bollard

This new version of our cast Polyurethane Manchester Bollard hinges into a custom built box with a lockable hinged lid.

Manchester Coffin Bollard

Folding Manchester Coffin Bollard The Fold Up / Down System The Manchester coffin bollard is designed for: aesthetics ,  ease and durability being able to rotate […]

Solar Belisha Beacon

Solar Powered Belisha Beacon£1250 - 1350Dependent on Quantity List item ExtrasSolar Panel Timer Module Globe Shroud Weight8.5 Kg Life Expectancy100,000 hours Solar Panel 25W - Extras […]

All new Street Solar Signlight Unit

Solar Street Light £700New to our range of Street Furniture is The Street Solar Signlight unit . Constructed from robust LM6 aluminium die casting with discreet […]

Economy Shelter

Economy Shelter£549BEST VALUE RANGE List item Available Colours for free For more colours get in contact for customised colour Benches Available with Economy ShelterThe use of […]

New Illuminated Nightowl

New Illuminated Nightowl The First Photos of the long awaited Illuminated Nightowl Bollard Now with the lighting off. As you can see the complete bollard shows […]

Keep Left Nightowl

No separate base, but still the same performance of rebound capabilities. This is due to the mix of reflex plastic and rigid plastic.
Flexible at the base where required for impact, harder plastic mix on the surfaces where the reflective material is applied, ensuring less chance of the reflective material departing from the plastic.

Available in White or Black Plastic versions.
Clever stuff!

Latest Bollard

The box is designed to be cast into the ground so when the bollard is not in use it is stored below ground secure with no trip hazard.

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