Guard Railing and Fencing


Many types of fencing are available including bow-top fencing, popular for use around children’s play areas, through to palisade security fencing, ideal for security sensitive areas.

Crash barriers

Ideal for use in car parks we supply both open box beam and Armco designs with either a rigid or flexible supports to suit your requirements. Although we carry the most popular panels and sizes of pedestrian guard railing in stock, due to the vast range and specialised nature of railings many of our orders are supplied ‘made to order’ ensuring customers get a product that meets their exact requirements.

Guard railing and fencing

We supply our customers with a range of products designed to ensure pedestrian safety on our roads and pavements.


Guard railing is used increasingly to keep pedestrians, particularly children, away from traffic. We can supply guardrails in a variety of dimensions and designs to suit every location.