Street Furnishings Ltd – Amenity & Street Furniture

This section covers street furniture such as cycle parking, public seating, litterbins and signage.

Through the civil engineering charity, Sustrans, around 10,000 miles of high-quality cycle routes exist around the country. The routes link town centres with the countryside right across Britain. Cycling is on the increase and so is the demand for secure cycle parking.

Street Furnishings have a large range of varied styles of cycle stands and shelters available to suit all budgets. We also have a range of public seating from the traditional park bench through to more modern styled metal and stainless steel seating.

Litterbins of all shapes and sizes are available, using a variety of materials to suit the environment. We also supply tree protection and planters for effective managed foliage in built-up areas. Public signage including fingerposts, boundary signs, information signage, poster cases etc.